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Make your multimedia content shine.


You’ve put a lot of work into your videos. Now make them work for you with plista’s Video Widget. Placed right under editorial
content on your website, our Video Widget offers your visitors bespoke recommendations based on his or her interests. Get more
views for your videos – and additional advertising revenue to boot.


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  • Our Video Widget allows you to create your own mix of the following content:

    • Content Recommendations

      Video recommendations from your site or your network

    • Ads

      Promotional recommendations displayed as text-image ads or as expandable videos


    • User-friendly design

      with large and inviting thumbnails

    • Sustainable increase

      in video views and video traffic within your network

    • New ad inventory

      to generate additional revenue for you

    • Indirect increase of your revenue

      from pre-roll advertising

Technical details

    • plista will adapt the widget’s layout to your website design at no extra cost

    • Integration is free and easy – thanks to our ready-to-use JavaScript (guide incl.)

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