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Turn the spotlight on your content recommendations.


plista’s Top Article Widget is placed prominently underneath or on top of the navigation bar. It expands only when readers scroll
up after they’re done reading your editorial content, directing them to your bespoke recommendations. This way, you’ll catch your
users’ attention before they leave your website, thus increasing their length of stay.

It’s completely up to you whether you’d prefer to feature articles and videos from your site, your network or from advertisers.
And since our widget takes into account individual reading and clicking behavior, your users will be presented with content that
matters to them – allowing you to increase their length of stay, your cross-site traffic, and of course your advertising revenue.

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    • Content Recommendations

      Article and video recommendations from your site or your network

    • ContentAds

      Article and video recommendations from an external website

    • Ads

      Promotional recommendations displayed as text-image ads or as expandable videos


    • Seize upon your users’ attention

      right before they leave your website

    • Great results

      in combination with plista’s Article Widget

    • Sustainable increase

      in length of stay, visitor loyalty and page impressions

    • New ad inventory

      to generate additional revenue for you

    • Indirect increase in revenue

      through existing ads thanks to greater length of stay

    • Targeted traffic of users

      within your own network

Technical Details

    • plista will adapt the widget’s layout to your website design at no extra cost

    • Integration is free and easy – thanks to our ready-to-use JavaScript (guide incl.)

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