Content analysis and A/B testing in real time for high traffic websites

News websites with high traffic have special needs: constantly changing content and a large stream of visitors make traffic optimization and performance monitoring quite a challenge. plista offers the ideal solution here with Linkpulse. The Linkpulse technology gives you the opportunity to perform precise content analysis, A/B testing, and homepage optimization in real time – right in your personal plista Publisher Dashboard. Linkpulse also has a flexible, modular structure: you can add as many widgets to your dashboard as you like, customize them and share them with other colleagues.

Feeling curious? Take a look at some of the numerous features offered by Linkpulse.


Clicks alone say little about the performance of editorial content. With Linkpulse, it is easy to create individual article scores for the performance of your article. Whether for page views, ad impressions, click ratio or page scroll – you determine which KPIs are considered and how heavily they should be weighted. The results are displayed immediately in the live widget. Thereby, you can set up as many article scores as you want for news articles, individual page areas, mobile devices, social media traffic and much more. 


In order to optimize your traffic, you need a strategy. Linkpulse helps you to always keep the goal in view. To do so, you only have to specify your target values, such as referrer from social media. Linkpulse takes over from here: The Target Widget tracks the development of the targeted values and shows you in real time whether users are sharing your content, clicking through, etc. You can quickly adjust your strategy if needed whenever you want, and even customize it individually for each user.


When it comes to the performance of your article, you should take a careful look. The Inscreen Widgets give you an overview of which individual articles are actually reaching the readers. With the help of precise statistics like View Time, Click Height, etc. you continually analyse the performance of articles and the homepage, and always keep an eye on audience behaviour. What is more, you can see the point at which users leave an article and use that to improve the quality of your editorial offering. 


The homepage determines the success of a news website to a very great extent. With Linkpulse, you have full control over this and can perform A/B testing very easily. Just click on an article on your homepage and test any desired number of headlines and teaser images in real time. Linkpulse identifies the combination with the best possible performance and automatically optimizes homepage traffic. This makes Linkpulse the ideal tool for editorial teams, and helps you create maximum user engagement.


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