Free Space Optimizer (FSO)

Let your free space generate revenue for you.


plista’s Free Space Optimizer (FSO) is an optional but groundbreaking add-on for our Article Widget: it fills up unintended free
space on your website in real time with great and relevant content.

Almost every publisher knows the problem of free space that is generated unintentionally by different article lengths (among
other things). On average, 15% of website space goes unused – as does its potential to increase revenue for you.

With plista’s FSO, unused space is a thing of the past. It identifies the size and position of free space and fills it with a dynamic
article widget which adapts perfectly to the empty spot for each page impression. Now you can increase your plista revenue
on absolutely any section of your website: your homepage, individual editorial sections or articles.



    • More page impressions

      by using re-circulation traffic with Content Recommendations and thereby indirectly generating additional display ad revenues

    • More ad clicks

      to boost your plista revenue

    • Greater length of stay

      thanks to increased website “stickiness”

    • Bespoke integration

      of your widget (variable size, placement and content)

    • No reduction of page load time

      when using FSO

    • Real-time detection

      of empty space for each page impression

Technical details

    • plista will adapt the widget’s layout to your website design at no extra cost

    • Use several plista widgets with different filters at the same time

    • Integration is easy and free, no maintenance required

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