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Guide traffic to where it is needed

As a long-time partner to media publishing houses, we know how important it is for publishers to maintain control of their own websites. For this reason, we developed Editor's Pick with one clear objective: to help publishers guide traffic to where it is needed. As a result, you can create article recommendations for your plista widgets and guide traffic specifically to individual articles or categories from your network – with a specific duration or for as long as you would like. Because Editor's Pick is extremely user-friendly, you can set up content campaigns in no time at all, right from your personal Publisher Dashboard.

It's this easy:



Keep your campaigns in view

After logging in to your dashboard, your top three content campaigns over the last two weeks are listed based on clicks, impressions and CTR. In the monitor section you see a snapshot of all campaigns including booking settings and to date performance. Links in the monitor allow you to edit campaigns or see deeper statistics. Utilizing this tool, you can ensure that all your campaigns are performing on track and according to your expectations. 


Your campaign only four steps away

Editor‘s Pick enables you to precisely, quickly and easily create your own content campaign in only four steps. Thereby, you can target traffic to a domain in your network, to a certain category or a concrete article. It is up to you whether you want to book clicks or impressions and how long you want to run your campaign. With Editor’s Pick you can even specify the exact placement of the campaign in a certain slot within the plista widget. For full flexibility you can edit the settings of your campaign at any time.


Performance monitoring made easy

In "Stats" you can closely monitor the results of your content campaign. The statistic section is divided into three areas. Content Campaign visualises your campaign's performance via an illustrative diagram. "Target Category" shows you the performance of the content campaign filtered by submitted domain categories (e.g. politics, culture, sport, etc.). "Top Article" lists the top three articles from your campaign according to clicks, impressions and CTR.  


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