plista Native Advertising Survey 2016

Advertising Effect of Native RecommendationAds

Native advertising promises to defeat the disadvantages of classical online advertising such as banner blindness and to be more effective than display advertising.
To prove the advantages, plista conducted a survey about the advertising effect of plista‘s Native RecommendationAds in collaboration with eye square.

Online In-Context-Testing with live-ad replacement, webcam eye tracking and an interview on the advertising effect could verify that Native RecommendationAds have a positive impact on the perception of ads and brands.


                                                    Native RecommendationAds Achieve High User Engagement


Native RecommendationAds retain the attention of up to 83 % of all users whose field of vision they enter. 43 % of the users reach the involve level and show a deep interest in the ad.

In comparison, the standard display format Medium Rectangle engages less attention from the beginning (58 %). Only one fifth of the users consider the ad in-depth and reach the involve level.


For more information about the effect of Native Advertising, please have a look at our OnePager. The complete study, including a detailed breakdown of the results, can be found in the Presentation. 

Please find both below or in our Download Center

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