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Create high-reach campaigns with great performance – by placing your text-image ads in the right editorial environment with plista’s Native Recommendation Ads. Based on users’ actual reading and clicking behavior, these ads appear in conjunction with editorial article recommendations and do not disturb the natural flow of reading.

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    • Success-based pricing on a CPC basis

    • Exact targeting based on over 40 algorithms (behavioral, semantic and geo-targeting, etc.)

    • Precise tracking (conversion pixel, hash identifier or external monitoring tools)

    • All-inclusive service incl. ad optimization, campaign management, reportings, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

    • Measurable target achievement

      Reduce scattering losses and improve conversion thanks to our goal-optimized targeting and
      tracking solutions

    • High user acceptance

      Placement between article recommendations means: no more banner blindness and more visibility

    • Positive brand perception

      Users voluntarily consume your ads thanks to seamless integration into the natural flow of reading

    • Premium reach

      plista’s recommendation platform comprises thousands of premium publishers and their audiences

    • High visibility on mobile devices

      Excellent readability on mobile devices and clear differentiation from banner advertising

    • User-individual delivery

      Ad delivery is based on users’ individual reading and clicking behaviour

Use it

    • —to generate leads and high-quality traffic

    • —to boost sales and increase brand awareness

    • to supplement your TV and print campaigns

    • —to increase app downloads and ensure sustainable app use

    • —to distribute customer reviews and product ratings

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