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Here you can find some general questions about the integration


The plista algorithm


Q: How are relevant articles found?

A: The plista algorithm finds people who share the same interests. It is based on the principle of collaborative filtering. Here is a very basic example to explain how it works:If Person A enjoys reading articles about politics and sports, then Person B will be recommended an article about a current political issue while reading a recent sports article.

You can also see how this works in our video.

Q: Why are the recommendations often not related to the articles below which they are shown?

A: The recommendations generated by plista are not just based on content but, in particular, on behavior-oriented analyses as well. As a result, recommendations may relate to different topics and have correspondingly high click rates. They will offer the visitor considerable added value by helping them to discover new content.

Message 'Code successfully integrated...'

Q: I have integrated the plista code, but the message 'Code successfully integrated' still keeps appearing. What am I doing wrong? A: The message 'Code successfully integrated' will disappear automatically after you have sent us 10 articles via push command. For further information, please also see our integration instructions.


Q: I have integrated the code but no ads are appearing. A: Ads are activated automatically after max. 24 hours. If they still aren't showing after this period, please contact us. Q: Is it possible for no third-party ads to be 'available'? And if so, would this mean that I have to pay because only my own ads are visible? A: No, you certainly wouldn't have to pay. Because the recommendations that we provide are based on behavior, individual impressions of the plista widget could in theory be ad-free. However, this hardly ever happens in practice.


Q: Our department is currently very busy. Roughly how long would it take to integrate the plista widget? A: It depends, of course, on how large/complex your system is. However, it usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete the integration.

Statistics on

Q: How long will it take for my domain to be marked as active in the plista dashboard and for me to receive the first statistics? A: This can take up to 24 hours. Q: How up-to-date are the statistics in the dashboard? A: At present, the statistics are updated every six to eight hours. Q: What does vWI mean under recommendation statistics? A: The abbreviation 'vWI' stands for 'viewable widget impression' and shows the widget impressions that have actually been displayed. If the user has seen the plista widget, this is counted as one impression. Please note that we are initially only providing this statistic for our Recommendation Widgets. Q: What does vCTR mean under recommendation statistics? A: 'vCTR' means 'viewable click-through rate' and is calculated with the help of the viewable widget impressions. The clicks are divided by the viewable widget impressions to determine the actual CTR. Please note that we are initially only providing this statistic for our Recommendation Widgets. Q: What does 'Visibility in %' mean under recommendation statistics? A: The visibility is the relationship between the viewable widget impressions (vWI) and the actual widget impressions (WI), whereby the vWI are divided by the WI and multiplied by a factor of 100. Overall, the value shows the percentage of users who have visited the corresponding page and have actually seen the widget.

Sending articles to plista

Q: Is there a way to speed up the process of scanning articles? Some of the recommendations aren't very good yet, even though the platform contains suitable articles. Are there any processes that can help with this? A: You can, of course, access important (especially older) articles yourself using your browser in order to speed up the scanning process. Unfortunately, this is the only possibility.

Removing articles from the plista database

Q: Can the articles that have already been sent to the plista database be deleted or updated? A: plista provides an API for this purpose, which can be requested from the Support Team.

plista as an alternative to similar providers

Q: Can I test plista as an alternative to similar providers? A: Yes, you can test plista without obligation as an alternative or addition to services from similar providers (e.g. Google AdSense). This is a good way to decide whether you would like to use plista for your requirements.

FAQ für Publisher

Technical questions – Integration


Line breaks

Incorrect: 'This is an incorrect integration' Correct: 'This is a correct nintegration'

Quotation marks

Incorrect: 'This is an incorrect 'Integration'' Correct: 'This is a correct 'Integration''

Separate comma in object literals

Incorrect: { text: 'Typical mistakes during partner integration', title: 'Typical mistakes during partner integration', } Correct: { text: 'Typical mistakes during partner integration', title: 'Typical mistakes during partner integration' }

plista & blogspot

The integration for blogspot is shown here. if (document.querySelector) { plistatext = document.querySelector('.entry-content div').textContent.substr(0, 255).trim(); plistaimage = document.querySelector('.entry-content img').src; PLISTA.items.push({ objectid: '', title: '', url: '', text: plistatext, img: plistaimage }); } PLISTA.partner.init(); This script should be added after this line: Please agree the widget name and domain name with plista. You can contact the Support Team for this purpose.

FAQ für Publisher



Transfer of credit

Q: I've been using plista for several weeks now, but I haven't received any credit yet even though I've generated a lot of clicks. A: The credit is only transferred once you have generated sales of EUR 70.00. As soon as you have reached this figure, you will be sent a credit note by email on the 15th of the following month. If you have stored the correct account details in the plista portal, the credit will usually be transferred 14 days after you have received the credit note.

How much can I earn?

Q: I have a page that generates around 100,000 impressions per month. Approximately how much could I earn from it? A: It's not possible to provide a general figure, as the earnings depend on various factors. The most important indicator is the placement of the widget. Experience has shown that the best CTR is achieved if the RecommendationAds are placed directly below the article. In addition, it should be visible on every page. The site traffic is also important, of course. If there is little traffic, the earnings will naturally be lower. However, the widget will generally increase the traffic. Last but not least, the range of topics on the websites influences the traffic and thus the earnings.


Q: How will I be billed by plista? A: Campaigns with different billing models can be launched with us, such as CPC, TCP and CPO. These serve as the basis for calculating the actual TCP.