Monetize your content
and engage your readers

Monetize your content
and engage your readers

Monetize your content and engage your readers

5 advantages of partnering with us

Dedicated content experts by your side

Flexible widgets integrated seamlessly

Generate high-quality traffic and sustainable revenue

Direct access to our global ad network

Result-oriented content solutions

A single source covering all your needs

Our solutions allow you to customize your content strategy. From combining articles with multimedia advertising, we give you countless ways to captivate your readers with relevant content, driving business outcomes.


Reach out to your readers with content they care about, providing intelligent recommendations and ads based on their individual reading and clicking behavior. Our AI-driven Recommendation Widget allows you to integrate your own mix of content from your site, network, and external sites, as well as advertising.

In-Read & In-Feed

Looking for a great way to monetize your website feed or editorial content? Create new ad inventory and boost your revenue by placing ads, sponsored content, and videos within your audiences’ natural flow of reading without disrupting their user experience.

High Impact

Engage your readers with our interactive High Impact ads. There’s no better way to monetize. These animated and multimedia ads stand out by virtue of their unique ability to engage users with custom design solutions.

Control and optimize your content with our powerful publisher tools

Editor’s Pick

Guide your high-quality traffic within your website or domain portfolio exactly where you want it to go. Create article recommendations for your plista widgets and distribute specific articles from your network.

Publisher Dashboard

Monitor all your content and widgets as a holistic overview. You have direct, around-the-clock access to comprehensive insights of your best-performing articles, advertising recommendations, and insights on your audience behavior.

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