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Get the most out of your targeted reading recommendations.


plista’s Slide Widget is the perfect companion for our Article Widget. Not just does it appear unobtrusively at the bottom right
of the screen, but it is also based on individual reading and clicking behavior – subtly and effectively directing your users to content
they actually care about. Plus, it allows you to integrate your own perfect mix of content from your site, your network or an external
site as well as advertising.

Whether you’re looking to increase length of stay, page impressions or advertising revenue – plista’s Slide Widget will help you
meet your goal.


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  • Your ideal mix! Depending on what you’d like to achieve, you can place any of the following content in our Slide Widget:

    • Content Recommendations

      Article recommendations from your site or your network

    • ContentAds

      Article and video recommendations from an external website

    • Ads

      Promotional recommendations displayed as text-image ads


    • Reach even more users

      in combination with plista’s Article Widget

    • Sustainable increase

      in length of stay, visitor loyalty and page impressions

    • Targeted traffic of users

      within your own network

    • New ad inventory

      to generate additional revenue for you

    • Indirect increase in revenue

      through existing ads thanks to greater length of stay

Technical details

    • plista will adapt the widget’s layout to your website design at no extra cost

    • No need for extra JavaScript code if you are already using plista’s Article Widget

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