Publisher Dashboard

The individual monitoring tool for all publishers using plista recommendation widgets

Your personal dashboard offers you around-the-clock access to comprehensive insights about the performance of your article and advertising recommendations and about the behavior of your audience. The publisher dashboard consists of the following areas:

Domains: Essentials at a Glance

Ad revenue, widget impressions, ad and content clicks, eCPM and much more – after logging in to your dashboard you'll see under “Domains” an overview of the current performance of your total portfolio. By using the diagrams you can monitor the KPI changes over the last seven days; hovering over a bar will display the corresponding day's data. All dashboard statistics refer only to those page types (homepage, category or product page) of the respective domain that have implemented at least one plista widget. Due to a missing holistic integration on all page types, the KPIs might differ from external sources (e.g. ad blocking rate, referrals). For detailed information, all you need to do is click a domain to see its “Content Insights.”


Content Insights: Take a Closer Look at Every Domain

“Content Insights” provide you with a domain-specific overview down to the most minute detail. View the current data for widget impressions, content clicks and visible CTR along with the current ad blocker rate, all at a glance. Use the drop-down menu to graph the KPIs and get an overview of their changes during the last 14 days. For even more detailed insights, you can display performance also by widget type.


You can see where the traffic to your site originates and how it has changed compared to a week ago. The interactive visitor map shows the number of widget impressions by country. Clicking a country shows you a regional breakdown, so now you have exactly what you need to optimize your website by specific region.


Real-time analyses available under Content Insights help you track the success of your content. You are always up-to-date which articles and categories are performing best and which devices are being used to access your website. Use these valuable insights to continuously optimize user experience and content offerings on your website.


Content Stats: Monitor Performance of Your Reading Recommendations

“Content Stats” provide you with full control over the performance of your article recommendations in the plista widget. This area allows you to flexibly compare and graph selected KPIs – for any period of time you choose. By looking at their changes by weekday, calendar week or month, you can better recognize long-term trends. The beta version offers more granular performance data of the individual editorial categories.


Ad Stats: Performance Monitoring for Your plista Ads

The “Ad Stats” in your Publisher Dashboard likewise offer you the ability to monitor the performance of your plista ads. The beta version provides you with even deeper insights and lets you call up ad statistics by individual categories or device type. Of course, you can export them as an Excel table with a single click.


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