A winning way to monetize your content with video ad inventory


plista’s Outstream Ads place videos between the paragraphs of an article – a great and highly effective way for publishers to
monetize their content. OutstreamAds react to user behavior: They expand as users scroll down until the ad is 100% visible. Once
the video has finished playing, the ad retracts. Unlike with layer or pre-roll ads, OutstreamAds do not disrupt the flow of reading,
which in turn improves users’ length of stay.

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    • Add to your advertising inventory

      with great videos of high eCPM

    • Does not cannibalize

      other advertising spaces

    • Great visibility

      in the midst of an article – for optimum revenue

    • Responsive design

      for mobile devices

    • A user-friendly format

      that does not disrupt the flow of reading

Technical details

    • Functionality can be adapted according to your individual needs

    • Integration is free and easy – thanks to our ready-to-use JavaScript

    • No need for extra JavaScript code if you are also using plista’s Article Widget

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