High Impact Ads

Engage your target – monetize your content.


There’s no better way to monetize your content than plista’s High Impact Ads (FlyAds). These animated ads appear (from right
to left or bottom to top) as users scroll through an article. Not just are they interactive, but users can stop them at anytime by
hovering their cursor on the ad. And once the ad has finished playing, it remains at them bottom right of the screen.


High Impact Ads stand out by virtue of their unique ability to engage users – with bespoke design solutions (e.g. pictures, text and/or animations).


Download Product Overview


    • A great way to monetize

      your content with high eCPM

    • Perfectly matched

      with your users’ interests

    • Does not disrupt the flow of reading

      while enabling voluntary ad consumption

    • Available for

      desktop and mobile websites

Technical details

    • Simple integration with just one AdTag that can be used in CMS or AdServer

    • No need for extra JavaScript code if you are already using plista’s Article Widget

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