Content Distribution for Publishers

More traffic for your content. Instantaneously.

Content Distribution is a quick and easy way to spread your editorial content, e.g. articles and videos.


Make your editorial content go further. With plista’s Content Distribution you can place your articles and videos between editorial
recommendations on thousands of premium websites. This way, your content reaches out to more relevant users, making for more
high quality traffic for your website.

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    • High-quality traffic:

      targeting unique users with high page-view-rates and length of stay

    • Targeted placement

      for relevant users who do not actively search for your content

    • No extra set-up costs

      Continuous text...

    • A one-fits-all solution

      for desktop and mobile

Technical details

    • Quick and easy set up for plista publishers

    • Import and update of content through your plista Article Widget or RSS-feed

    • Pricing on a cost-per-click basis

    • Precise tracking allows for targeted distribution

    • Over 40 algorithms (behavioral, semantic, geo-targeting, etc.) guarantee optimal target reach

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