Native OutstreamAds

An innovative video format bound to make an impact.


plista’s OutstreamAds help you place videos right within users’ natural flow of reading – for maximum attention and high user acceptance. As a user-initiated format, videos expand between the paragraphs of an article only when users scroll down. Playing begins when the article is 100% visible, and pauses when visibility is less than 50%. Sound is played only on mouseover.

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    • Success-based pricing on CPV or CPE basis; other pricing options on request

    • Exact targeting based on over 40 algorithms (behavioral, semantic and geo-targeting, etc.)

    • Precise tracking (conversion pixel, hash identifier or external monitoring tools)

    • All-inclusive service incl. ad optimization, campaign management, reportings, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

    • Maximum attention

      High view rates thanks to placement in users’ natural flow of reading

    • Great user engagement

      Users want to hear your message – playback only starts upon user initiation

    • Positive brand perception

      A user-friendly format that does not disturb readers (sound-on upon mouseover, no disruption of the
      natural flow of reading)

    • Available for online and mobile

      Responsive design for mobile devices

    • High user relevance

      Precise, user-centric delivery thanks to plista’s proprietary Recommendation Technology

Use it

    • —to generate leads and high-quality traffic

    • ——to boost sales and increase brand awareness

    • —to supplement your TV and print campaigns

    • ——to increase app downloads and ensure sustainable app use

    • to distribute customer reviews and product ratings

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