Native InFeed Ads

Get your content and ads the attention they deserve – by placing them in publisher’s article feeds!


plista’s Native InFeed Ads are placed between editorial reading recommendations on feed-based websites. They fit perfectly
into the surrounding feed teasers, never once disrupting the natural flow of reading. This guarantees them maximum attention:
native placement means no more banner blindness! Instead, users actively choose to engage with your content or ads.

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Benefits for your campaign

    • Attracts attention

      Focussed, conscious reading thanks to native placement within feed

    • Positive brand perception

      This user-friendly format does not disrupt the flow of reading and gets you high user acceptance

    • A one-stop-solution for mobile and desktop

      Responsive design for desktop pc’s, tablets and smartphones

    • Tailored to user interests

      Ad delivery is based on users’ individual reading and clicking behaviour

    • Native premium reach

      plista’s recommendation platform encompasses a large number of premium publishers and their premium audiences

    • High credibility

      Recommendation of your content by trusted publishers

Use it to …

    • distribute ads and content (e.g. advertorials, corporate blogs,
      product reviews etc.)

    • increase brand awareness and boost sales

    • generate high-quality leads and traffic

    • supplement your TV and print campaigns

    • increase app downloads and use

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