High Impact Ads

Maximum engagement with your brand message.


Put your ad in the spotlight with plista’s High Impact Ads. Their unconventional design immediately invites attention – without disturbing the natural flow of reading. The animated graphics appear from bottom to top (RiseAds) or extend from right to left at the bottom of the screen (FlyAds). If you like, you can also feature a video to be activated on mouseover (Video FlyAd, Video RiseAd).

Download Product Overview


    • Pricing on a CPM basis

    • Reader-friendly stand-by view after playing

    • Precise tracking (conversion pixel, hash identifier or external monitoring tools)

    • All-inclusive service incl. ad optimization, campaign management, reportings, etc.

Benefits for your campaign

    • High recognition value

      Bring creative designs to life in this innovative moving image format for a truly striking ad experience

    • High user engagement

      Thanks to the interactive component, users engage more intensively with your message

    • Maximum information density

      The combination of an interactive banner and video makes your ads particularly effective

    • Positive brand perception

      A user-friendly format that makes users want to check out your ad

    • Premium reach

      plista’s recommendation platform comprises thousands of premium publishers and their audiences

    • Perfect visibility on mobile devices

      Looks great even on small screens

Use it

    • —for brand awareness campaigns

    • —for product launches and relaunches

    • for high-attention and time-limited campaigns

    • —to supplement your cross-media campaigns

    • —as a great alternative to floor, banderole, interstitial or layer ads

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