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Transparency & Consent Framework 2.0 (TCFv2) by IAB

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  • → From 15th of August every Publisher must be compliant with TCFv2 via a CMP integrated onto website to avoid significant consequences and effects on advertising payouts

  • → The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) provides TCFv2 as a solution to meet GDPR requirements and maintain the yield on your website

  • → This website provides all important information of what needs to be done and why

Until August 15th, 2020, you must comply with the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCFv2) by implementing a TCFv2-compatible Content Management Provider (CMP) on your website to avoid any monetization consequences. CMPs that are still based on TCF 1.0 will no longer be supported with advertising.

What is Transparency & Consent Framework (TCFv2)?

Transparency and Consent Framework, or TCFv2, is a policy that helps all parties in the digital programmatic advertising chain to comply with GDPR when processing, storing, and/or accessing user’s data. Learn more here:

How does TCFv2 affect publishers?

Migrating to TCFv2 brings you great advantages in your advertising ecosystem. With this framework, you get:
  • → Easier compliance in gathering consent and appropriate use of user data- this is the base for you to keep your yield

  • → More transparency for your readers, which can potentially promote user loyalty

What do I need to do?

If you haven’t already, you must integrate a CMP that supports TCFv2 onto your website. Since we as plista are a vendor, we unfortunately are unable to provide you with a CMP- you must coordinate with your IT department to hold responsibility in the technical integration.

What is a Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is the technical infrastructure a business uses to collect and store data that customers have consented to be used and for targeting purposes. For a user, the CMP appears as the consent tool, which asks whether they would like to share their data or not. In this way, CMP helps to manage the consent required for personal advertising and thus offers a solution for meeting the GDPR requirements. If your website does not have a TCFv2-compatible CMP, this can lead to your income falling from mid-August (see deadline above).

How can I find one to integrate it onto my site?
CMP Example:
  • Text Hover

What if I already have a CMP in place?

Should you already have a CMP in place, check if your CMP is IAB certified. If it only supports TCF 1.0 and you still need to upgrade to TCFv2, contact your CMP provider to determine if the requirements are met and updated in time for the August 15th deadline.

How plista handles data consent

plista’s purposes as a Global Vendor (ID177) for needing consent are as follows:
  • → Purpose 1: Store and/or access information on a device

  • → Purpose 7: Measure ad performance

  • → Purpose 8: Measure content performance

  • → Purpose 10: Develop and improve products

  • → Special Purpose 2: Technically deliver ads or content

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To summarize, you must comply with TCFv2 by integrating an IAB-approved CMP until August 15th. Still have questions on any of the above or need further clarification? Reach out to us, and we are happy to further educate you on the topic and consult you on the matter. Please note, we as plista are unable to integrate your CMP as we do not have access to the backend of your website – this is something you must take care of with your IT department.

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*Note the information above is not intended to be legal advice nor should it be construed as such.