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Data privacy

In terms of transparency, plista tries to collect as little data as possible. plista is very serious about the protection of your personal data. All technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure that data privacy regulations are taken into accounte by plista, as well as by external service providers. plista recommends that you check our data privacy regulations regularly. Due to the optimization of our website and the implementation of new technologies, this privacy policy may change.

1. The Recording and processing of data

You can use parts of our service without disclosing your identity (your homepage). If you decide to use our service on your own homepage, you are requested to give us some further information. We will ask for your name and other personal data. It is your decision whether you choose to supply us with this information. Please be aware that without the necessary information, there may be problems in the allocation of our full service.
While the information you requested is being parsed, for security and accessibility reasons, some data (e.g. IP address, date, time and pages seen) might be temporarily stored on our servers. We delete the data as soon as the necessity for the use of our service is no longer justified.

2. Person-related Data

Person-related data refers to details about personal or factual conditions. Information with no relation to your person e.g. pseudonyms or the anonymization of your personal information, are not considered person-related data.

3. Cookies

To identify users, we use cookies (random and long character strings). The cookie is saved in the browser and is transferred to us on your access. Due to the fact that the cookie is linked to our domain, other site operators will not be able to read the cookie. Cookies investigate the number of users of our website or they optimize the fade-in of recommendations and ads. Because the cookie is registered on a central domain, the user can be identified across several pages. This helps us to understand the connections between different pages about which we are able to provide recommendations for articles, products, and ads on other pages.
It is also possible to use our website without cookies. We would like to point out that if you reject cookies you might encounter problems while using our website.

4. Use of data?

The aim of plista is to provide users with interesting recommendations of website’s contents and ads. In this process the user’s effort will be reduced to a minimum. We achieve this by comparing interests of various users while recommending favorites to mutual users. Therefore, we need to a) save information about interests and b) identify the user. The information about the user’s interests is recorded in terms of clicks and fractional evaluation. These recordings are transferred and stored in our server. This process only takes place on websites on which plista is activated. Generally, recommendations are made anonymously. This means that evaluations and data on clicks are used within our algorithm, but third parties are not able to read any data. In order to display to the user which items (articles, products, ads) they already clicked on, we save the data linked to their identification. In order to display the data on the corresponding website, the click- and evaluation rate of a current item is transferred by access. It is only possible to read these evaluations in terms of the corresponding identification. Third parties (also page operators) are not able to receive this data.
We, or our partners, also retrieve and process person-related data for billing and publicity purposes (e.g. premium order). You will be advised separately regarding this matter. The use of your data for other purposes only occurs with the explicit approval of this application.

5. Transfer of data to third parties

In certain cases we may be obliged by legal specifications to transfer person-related data to third parties, e.g. in a suspected criminal case or the misuse of our website. In these cases we are obliged to transfer your data to criminal prosecuting authorities.
Otherwise your data is exclusively stored in our data processor’s database systems and servers, except when you are notified that your data is transferred to other companies, e.g. our cooperating or publishing partners. We only transfer your data with your express permission.

6 Security measures

We pay special attention to store your data on specially protected servers and to restrict access to your data to only a few specifically authorized persons. We would like to make you aware of the fact that due to the structure of the internet, it is possible that we or our cooperating partners do not follow the data protection rules of others. Therefore, it is possible that unencrypted data (also sent by email) could be read by third parties. Due to technical issues, plista has no influence on this circumstance. It is the responsibility of the user to protect any data made available from misuse either by way of encryption or by other methods.
Our services include links to other websites. We cannot guarantee that the operators of these sites adhere to the data protection regulations.