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Mobile Article Widgets

The plista Content and Advertising Platform supports all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Operators of mobile websites and app providers benefit here in two ways with traffic optimization and optional content monetization.

plista Mobile Widgets recommend content to each visitor of your mobile website or app that matches his or her interests based on individual reading and clicking behavior. Recommendations are served similarly to the logic that Amazon uses: “Customers who purchase this item also purchased...” and achieves significantly higher click rates than other recommendation systems. Usable content includes articles, images, and videos from your own site, your network, or an external site.

plista Mobile Article Widgets

The plista Mobile Article Widget is placed under the articles and posts on smartphones or tablets. The layout of the widget is automatically adjusted to the mobile website or app and is compatible with all currently available devices. Fast implementation is guaranteed with the turn-key Java script or iFrame integration.

Depending on your objectives (traffic optimization or content monetization), any desired content can be combined in the widget:

  • Content Recommendations: Article or video recommendations from your site or your network
  • ContentAds: Article or video recommendations for an external site
  • PerformanceAds: Promotional recommendations in the form of an image/text or expandable video