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Product overview for Publisher

Publishers can use plista for traffic optimization and content monetization. Various recommendation widgets and RTB ad solutions are available for this purpose.

To every visitor to your website, plista recommends content that matches his or her interests, based on individual reading and clicking behavior. Content includes articles, images, and videos from your own site, your network, or an external site. The foundation of plista is the company’s own technology to distribute advertising and content, based on its own recommendation engine, a DSP and the latest technology for RTB optimization.

Publishers can combine various formats within the plista recommendation widget, depending on their objectives:

Content Recommendations:



Article or video recommendations from your site or your network Article or video recommendations for an external site Promotional recommendations as text/image or video expandable

The user-friendly plista formats attract attention without disrupting the natural reading flow, and feature low ad resistance. The following products are available to you: