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Whether it be performance, content or brand marketing – with plista Direct Booking you can create your own advertising campaign in just a few easy steps. What are you waiting for? Book your plista campaign now!

Effective advertising made easy

    • The plista Recommendation Platform comprises thousands of premium publisher websites and offers you access to millions of unique users.

    • In combination with our effective formats and user-individual delivery you can create individual campaigns with measurable results and sustainable effect.

    • Due to success-based pricing (CPC) and transparent CPM prices, you can always keep an eye on the costs.

    • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Direct Booking team.


Native RecommendationAds - Generate more leads, conversions and traffic.

    • Conscious, voluntary ad consumption

    • No banner blindness thanks to native placement between article recommendations

    • Automatic campaign optimization upon request for best possible results and top ROI

    • Exact targeting depending on your individual goals (lead generation, sales promotion, boost in brand awareness, etc.)


Native RecommendationAds help you create high-reach online and mobile campaigns with great performance. The text-image recommendations are placed in users’ direct reading flow and are therefore distinguished by high user acceptance. In combination with our flexible targeting options, you can address your target groups, avoid scattering losses and optimize your ROI.

Native Content Distribution – Get the most out of your branded content.

    • Placement in premium editorial inventory


    • Sustainable increase in brand awareness, brand trust and customer loyalty

    • Various targeting options for precise distribution

    • High-quality users with high page view rate, longer visit duration and lower bounce rate


Native Content Distribution helps you place your branded content (such as advertorials, blog articles, videos, infographics etc.) on thousands of premium news and special interest websites in order to reach even more users. Our user-centric distribution considers not only the editorial environment but also the individual clicking and reading behaviour of every user. This way, you are able to reach relevant user who are truly interested in your content.

High Impact Ads (FlyAds) – Put your brand in the spotlight.

    • Unconventional design with high recognition value


    • Positive brand perception

    • High user engagement due to interactivity


    • Strong branding impact



High Impact Ads (FlyAds) are the ideal solution to attract a particularly high level of attention to your advertising message. Their unconventional design immediately catches the eye: The animated ads appear from right to left at the bottom of the screen and stop moving on mouseover. Once the ad has finished playing, it remains at the lower right edge of the screen. 

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