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Career at plista

Team spirit, creativity and passion for technology – that's what working at plista means.

On our career page we give you the opportunity to get to know plista as an employer and to take a look behind the scenes: What is the daily working routine at plista like? Who are the faces behind our recommendation technology? Who ensures that everyone feels comfortable at plista day by day? And of course, how can you grow your career at plista? Find all the answers to these questions here :

Our current open positions in Berlin

IT & Development

Scala Backend Software Engineer (m/f)

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic Scala Backend Engineer (m/f) to support our Data Engineering Team. As an expert for clean code and design patterns, you will help your colleagues to drive our core data platform. You will work in a friendly team atmosphere, use agile methodologies and have the chance to develop yourself professionally and personally.

PHP Backendentwickler (m/w)

Für die Weiterentwicklung unserer Technologien und Plattformen suchen wir einen engagierten PHP Backend Entwickler (m/w) mit ausgezeichneten Kenntnissen in objektorientierter Programmierung und Interesse an komplexen wie hochskalierbaren Webanwendungen.

Data Product Engineer (m/f)

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic Data Engineer (m/f) for our Team “Data Product”. You will be responsible for developing the plista real-time recommendation platform that serves millions of native content recommendations every day across the globe. You will work in a cross-functional squad doing bi-weekly Scrum sprints; there will be lots of opportunities to interact, learn and develop yourself and your skills.

Working Student Data Engineering (m/f)

In order to support our team, we are looking for a highly committed and motivated working student (m/f) in the area of 'Data Engineering'. In this function, you work with the latest technology stack to create scalable high-performance data processing solutions. You develop data-intensive applications that enable our business units to make data driven decisions. In addition, you will gain insights into the dynamic online marketing industry. Your working time is 20 hours per week.

Teamlead DevOps (m/f)

plista has a DevOps team since January 2015, but we see that the world is changing and so do we. plista is going cloud, we want to work with autonomous squads and we want to get rid of legacy components. Therefore we need a infrastructure which supports this and a DevOps Teamlead who drives it. We think that DevOps is the coolest job 2018+. The Teamlead DevOps is a very demanding role. We are looking for your application.

Integration Engineer JavaScript, CSS, HTML ( m/f)

As an Integration Engineer JavaScript, CSS, HTML (f/m) you support our publishers with the integration of our products in their websites. Typical partners are e.g. Berliner Zeitung, Men ́s Health, Spektrum and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Sales & Publisher Development

Account Manager Publisher Development Online-Marketing (m/w)

Als Account Manager Publisher Development (m/w) bei plista bist Du Teil unseres engagiertenPublisher Development-Teams und gleichzeitig Teil des Digital Investment Teams unseres Mutterkonzerns GroupM. Du gewinnst und betreust Medien- und Verlagshäuser und unterstützt sie bei der Optimierung ihrer Onlineauftritte. Dein Arbeitsort ist Berlin.

Account Manager Direct Booking & Performance Marketing (m/w)

Als Account Manager Direct Booking (m/w) bist Du Teil unseres engagierten Direct Booking Teams. Du betreust und entwickelst Direktkunden und unterstützt sie bei der Planung und Optimierung ihrer Onlinekampagnen.


Junior Media Accountant (m/w)

Zur Verstärkung unseres Finance-Teams suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt einen Media Accountant (m/w) im Bereich Finanzbuchhaltung und -reporting. Erstellung von Mediaabrechnungen (Ausgangsrechnungen an Advertiser und Gutschriften an Publisher) gehören ebenso zu deinem Verantwortungsbereich wie die Erstellung von monatlichen Umsatzreportings für internationale Märkten im Konzern. Zudem fungierst du als interner Hauptansprechpartner für sämtliche abrechnungsrelevante Sachverhalte im Bezug auf das Mediageschäft von plista. Die Position ist zunächst auf 12 Monate befristet.

Product Management

Manager Global Strategic Partnerships (m/f)

As Manager Global Strategic Partnerships (m/f) you will be responsible for identifiying, negotiating, executing and developing plista`s technology and product partnerships, with a focus on growing the business and evolving our offerings, finding new revenue opportunities and optimizing current revenue streams across all of plista’s digital products and business partners. You are eager to develop long-lasting and significant relationships with prospective Online and Mobile Marketing partners on a global scale. As part of our Product Management you will be partnering with our internal Technology and Sales department. You are in charge of the business development and project management, roadmapping and coordinating internal and external resources to grow our partner’s and plista’s business portfolio.

Product Manager (m/w)

Als Product Manager (m/w) steuerst Du selbständig und eigenverantwortlich den Entstehungsprozess sämtlicher plista Produkte und Features von der Idee bis zum Roll-Out. Du bist für unseren Publisher- Bereich verantwortlich, hier bist du die Schnittstelle zwischen Publisher Development, Product Management und IT. Berufserfahrung konntest du bereits durch erfolgreiche Praxistätigkeit als Product Manager im Publisher- Umfeld sammeln. Du verfolgst das aktuelle Geschehen in der Onlinebranche, um neue Möglichkeiten und Potenziale für unser Unternehmen frühzeitig zu erkennen.

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10 Reasons to work for plista

1. A committed and friendly team that is passionate about technology and media

In addition to our unique know-how approach and passion for digital marketing, our team spirit is one of the strongest driving forces behind the plista success story. In our Berlin office on Torstrasse, creative minds, talented organizers, natural-born geeks, and sales professionals all come together. It is the energy and passion of each individual that makes plista what it is - a dynamic and charismatic company with employees who are more than just colleagues. plista communicates with many languages, and it’s no wonder: we have over 30 different nationalities working here at plista! We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our employees, exceeding the terms of languages. Therefore, we employ people with the most diverse backgrounds, both personally and culturally.

2. Fast decision-making processes and an open company culture

We love flat hierarchies; from Managing Director to intern, we are all on a first-name basis. The result: a creative, open and informal atmosphere, where teamwork is actively encouraged. Dress code? Not here! At plista, we have a casual approach when it comes to wardrobe - no one needs to 'dress up' in order to appear competent. What counts is personality and commitment! We also allow flexible working hours to make sure that you find your fitting work-life balance. plista cares.plista communicates with many languages, and it’s no wonder: we have over 30 different nationalities working here at plista! We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our employees, exceeding the terms of languages. Therefore, we employ people with the most diverse backgrounds, both personally and culturally.

3. Room for personal development

Do you want to achieve something and further develop yourself? Then you are exactly in the right place here at plista. With us, you can work independently from your first day onwards and take immediate responsibility for your projects or your team. We will support you with customized internal and external training courses to help you further develop your skills. We organize many proceedings, such as the plista academy, Developer Day and people-manager trainings.

4. Sustainability – more than just a (buzz) word

We attach a great deal of importance to sustainability, not only with regard to our client relationships, but also from a social and ecological point of view. Our office and data centers are therefore operated with 100% green electricity. We separate our waste and fresh, organic fruit and vegetables are always made available for you in our kitchen. However, our commitment goes far beyond the boundaries of plista: we support various charitable projects, such as those that are committed to refugee integration, child care or education at our weekly team lunch. We get even more involved and help different institutions during our quarterly Social Day.

5. Delicious team lunch, daily fresh fruits and drinks

To help you eat well and stay healthy, plista offers a freshly-cooked lunch twice a week, which is preferably vegetarian. All employees gather in our mensa to enjoy the meals and to also have the chance to meet colleagues from all our departments. Fresh fruits and drinks are always available for free. Every year, we also offer nutrition workshops to inspire you even more.

6. Health management and sports such as CrossFit, Pilates, and Yoga

We are also a sporty company, and doing sports on your own is not very fun. This is why we have the luxury of our own gym, changing rooms and even a shower in our office. The Yoga and Pilates classes are very popular among the plistarians as they help us to relax and stretch during our breaks. You like more action? Then maybe CrossFit is for you. For those of us constantly sitting at our desks for long durations, we even offer health classes for your back with a professional physiotherapist. In addition, you can use one of our many stand-up desks to avoid back problems.

7. A family-friendly company with own company daycare

Through trust-based working hours and a great deal of flexibility, we enable our employees to have an appropriate work-life balance. With our own company day nursery right around the corner, we also support our new fathers and mothers in order to simplify the compromise of family and working life. Every new mom or dad gets a cute plista newborn “plista loves you” onesie and a little surprise.

8. Company events and trips

It is never boring at plista. Apart from work, we do many activities together, e.g. office parties, blind lunches, or even the dragon boat competition on the Spree. One of the yearly highlights has always been the summer and Christmas party. You can also join your colleagues in the Berlin Company Run, enjoy a beer after work, or have a great time on the next company trip, which could take place anywhere in Europe –where exactly we are going, however, is always kept a secret until the very last minute of the four day trip.

9. An inspiring office in the heart of Berlin with an abundance of space for creative work

Barely any city in Europe, or possibly even in the world, offers as much variety as Berlin. From art and culture to historical locations, numerous swimming lakes, energetic parties, concerts and much more - there is always something here for everyone. Moreover, with an ample portion of internationality and inspiration just around the corner, what more could you want? Our office is right in the center; the moment you step inside our office, you will see that we are as diverse, distinctive and colorful as the city around us.

10. Excellent development and career opportunities

plista offers - besides a broad range of trainings, conferences and individual coaching – many possibilities to advance one´s career. We have a high rate of students who we hire after their graduation, and we even coach and train new people managers as well as promote the professional careers in developer positions, for example through e-learning classes. We often exchange with our international sister companies, and we encourage internal promotions and job shifts between departments. Our main focus is to always train and facilitate our individuals in order for them to further grow.

We live engineering and we are proud of our nerds@plista!

What does it mean to work in plista engineering?


Technology is the heart of plista. We have been a technology-driven company from the very start in 2008, and this remains true until today. More than 50 software developers work daily on ensuring that our technical infrastructure continues to improve and that our high standards are met. In doing so, we consistently work with the latest technologies and systems, are keen to test new items, and can never stand still. You will be surprised at what countless possibilities a data-driven advertising and content platform offers to developers: our core delivers more than 15,000 recommendations per second in real time, processes more than 42 gigabytes of data each hour, and combines hundreds of servers  into a cluster. Scalability is a big challenge here. In order to consistently display the best possible recommendations to the user and guarantee a high click-through rate, our algorithm team strives to develop an ever more sophisticated machine learning/real time.

How we work

Our developers work in a bi-weekly release cycle based on agile software development methods such as Scrum and Kanban. Every second Friday the so-called Hacky Friday allows our developers to spread their wings and get inspired: we encourage them to try new projects, code on nerdy stuff or just simply learn something new – nevertheless, Hacky Friday projects should always have a vision to improve plista technology. The idea is to work outside of daily business in order to creatively offer up some new ideas. Every year, our plista DevDay takes place. With the plista DevDay, we have made it our objective to establish unified development structures, make the entire IT infrastructure comprehensible, and provide our developers with further training.

Technology Stack

Our engineering department is composed of two teams: Data Engineering and Platform Architecture. We use component separation and continuous integration as well as GIT, JIRA, and Jenkins. We rely heavily on parallelization, event processing, message bus systems and the cloud. The main technologies in our Data Engineering include PHP, Angular, Scala, Spark and R. We also love open source, which is why we have a Github Account, and you can even find out more about us on Stackoverflow.   You want to know more? Check out all our used technologies on Stackshare, or read the latest articles from our very own tech blog.

We are open

We cooperate with universities in the mutual exchange of knowledge and to implement exciting research projects. For example, we cooperate with the DAI Lab at the Technical University of Berlin and the CLEF Project 2017 in the field of algorithms. We even have a close relationship with the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) in Berlin. Here we cooperate with students who intend to write their master’s/bachelor’s thesis or project paper while working with us. Moreover, we work as speakers and/or mentors at the university and participate in career events such as the latest career fair, HTW Informatiktag. Exchanging knowledge with other companies and developers is essential for us – that is why you can find us on several Meetups and conferences, as speakers or attendees.

Talk to ...

Contact Our Human Resources Team


Als Teil unseres Frontend-Teams in der IT bin ich dafür zuständig, dass unsere User-Interfaces für Mitarbeiter und Kunden intuitiv gestaltet sind und es Niemandem an Funktionalität fehlt.



International Campaign Manager



Ich bin im Advertiser Sales Team für die Umsetzung von Online Kampagnen und die Betreuung von Direktkunden und Agenturen zuständig.



I’m a Junior International Support Manager. I’m basically a translator between our publishers and plista programmers, making sure the marketing people and the tech people are on the same page and understand each other.



Ich arbeite als Software Entwickler in der IT im „Team Platform“. Dort bin ich hauptsächlich für die Qualitätssicherung zuständig.



Ich halte die Notebooks und Technik am Laufen, sodass ihr alle arbeiten könnt. Nebenbei versuche ich gute Laune zu verbreiten.


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Director Human Resources
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Senior Manager Human Resources
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Manager Human Resources
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Manager Human Resources
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