Native Formats in North America

Suite of non-intrusive native executions

Through scalable programmatic channels, plista will activate first-party and Turbine Proprietary Audiences across all native formats.

Benefits for your campaign

    • plista offers brands a one-stop-shop for every native format, including IAB native and custom executions within content, powered by Xaxis Turbine audiences.  

    • Native formats include In-Feed, In-Feed Endemic, In-Image, Outstream, and Content Distribution.  

    • plista allows seamless activation and optimization across all native formats.  Without plista, clients would need to contract with individual native format specialists, creating fragmented executions and audience strategies. 

    • plista products are designed to be delivered seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Key Capabilities

    • plista is fully integrated with Turbine Proprietary Audiences: Turbine provides advanced real-time audience building capabilities, including 1,104 behavioral segments for enhanced planning and optimization

    • plista campaigns will use both Turbine data and native contextual decisioning based on the content of the page to ensure relevant audiences are reached.

    • By applying Turbine data to native formats, advertisers can gain a significant edge in delivering engaging native content that better reflects audiences’ interests and intents as compared to using contextual data alone

    • Best in class native technologies come together under the plista umbrella and are integrated with Xaxis data and technology assets to create an audience targeted, multi-format programmatic native offering. 

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