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Learn about native advertising with plista - native advertising, powered by data.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is an innovative online marketing tool. Many internet users find conventional online advertising annoying due to the excessive use of intrusive advertisements. Pop-up ads have to be actively clicked away, while advertising banners ruin the uniform design of a website and interrupt reading flow. As a consequence, users no longer discern the actual content of advertising (“banner blindness”) or even perceive brands negatively because of their chosen advertising format. This is where native advertising comes in. Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. The advertisements are incorporated into the website’s editorial content, ensuring that a user’s experience of the websites in question remains undisturbed and natural (“native”). This greatly increases user acceptance of and willingness to engage with advertising. Native advertising is distinguished by the following features:

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What does native advertising with plista mean?

Native advertising with plista has three core characteristics:


Over the years, plista has built up an exclusive inventory of thousands of premium publishers and has established long-term partnerships with leading publishers and advertisers. Advertisements and recommendations for further reading are always adapted to the design of the publisher’s site, merging seamlessly with their environment. That means that users can consume the content undisturbed while also discovering additional articles and products in a relaxed, natural manner.


All plista formats not only put appropriate advertising in the right places, they also reflect the look and feel of the website and its content. They fit in perfectly with users’ reading flow. The decent, streamlined design helps create positive brand perception. Studies have confirmed the advantages of plista’s native advertising over classic banner advertising.

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In order to ensure targeted advertising of interested users only and to give them relevant advertising set naturally within a website’s editorial content, plista has developed its own, unique data-driven targeting technology. This delivers highly relevant content and product suggestions that ensure the highest possible level of user involvement. Detailed information on the plista algorithms and their functions can be accessed under “plista technology.”

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How can I develop my own native advertising?

Whether your focus is on performance, content or brand marketing – with plista’s Direct Booking tool, you can create your own advertising campaign in just a few easy steps.

1. Advertisement Creation

In the first step, you create your advertisement set. To do this, you upload your image of choice and compose the text to go along with it. The preview shows how the combination of image and text will look in your advertisement, which can be altered and adapted until you are entirely satisfied. The advertising set also includes the automatic selection of the most appropriate advertising format.

2. Targeting

In the second step, you decide on your target group. The plista algorithm analyzes users’ reading behavior, allowing plista to select the appropriate article recommendations and advertisements for each reader. You can refine your target group using the optional categories of geo-targeting, age and sex, and decide whether ads should be sent to mobile devices and/or desktop computers.

3. Budgeting

In the third step, you set your budget and decide the time in which you wish your advertisements to run. More information about placing online advertisements can be found in our user guide for the plista content and advertising platform.

Which format is the right one?

In its Direct Booking area, plista has three different ready-prepared native ad formats. These are all very effective and can be used according to the target information provided:

Native Recommendation Ads

Your ad appears as a text & image recommendation within the editorial content. It fits with the reader’s natural reading flow and has a particularly high level of relevance to the surrounding content. That means the reader interacts more intensively with the message in the advertisemen...

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Native Content Distribution

Place your branded content directly among editorial content on thousands of premium websites. Your blog articles, social media posts, advertorials, earned media, etc. will thus reach even more people in your target groups. Because the recommendations they receive are extremely relevant to ...

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Native Outstream Ads

plista’s Native Outstream Ads help you place videos right within users’ natural flow of reading for maximum attention. As a user-initiated format, videos expand between the paragraphs of an article only when users scroll down.

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