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Direct Booking of your winning native advertising campaign.

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Access to millions of users

plista offers you easy access to thousands of premium publisher websites and millions of unique users.

Transparent pricing models

Thanks to success-based pricing (CPC) and transparent CPM prices, keeping track of costs is easy.

Create individual campaigns

With our effective formats and user-individual delivery, you can create individual campaigns with measurable results and sustainable effects.

Whether your focus is on performance, content or brand marketing – with plista’s Direct Booking option, you can create your own advertising campaign in just a few easy steps:

Step 1

Choose one of our native formats

Step 2

Create your campaign by uploading image and text

Step 3

Define your individual target group

Step 4

Set your budget

Step 5

Achieve your advertising goal

Native Recommendation Ads – generate more conversions & traffic

With Native Recommendation Ads, you can create top-performing, high-reach online and mobile campaigns. Based on users’ reading and clicking behavior, these ads appear in conjunction with editorial article recommendations and do not disturb the natural flow of reading. Benefits include: + Success-based pricing on a CPC basis + Audience targeting based on over 40 algorithms(behavorial, semantic and geo-targeting) + Precise tracking e.g. conversion tracking, view tracking + Campaign settings Frequency capping and time targeting

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Native Content Distribution – get the most out of your branded content

plista’s Native Content Distribution lets you place your branded content (such as advertorials, blog articles, videos, infographics, etc.) on thousands of premium news and special-interest websites in order to reach even more users. Benefits include: + Placement on thousands of premium websites across the plista publisher network + Sustainable increase in brand awareness, brand trust and customer loyalty + Various targeting options for precise distribution + High-quality users with high page view rate, longer visit duration and lower bounce rate

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High Impact Ads (Fly Ads) – put your brand in the spotlight

High Impact Ads (Fly Ads) are the ideal way to attract a particularly high level of attention to your advertising message. Their unconventional design is instantly eye-catching. + Unconventional design with high recognition value + Positive brand perception + High user engagement due to interactivity + Strong branding impact

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Direct Booking

If you have any questions about booking your campaign with plista, feel free to get in touch.