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FAQ for Advertisers

Ad media specification

Each publisher has different requirements for text/image combinations. plista needs a variety of headings, text and images for your ad media to ensure an optimal delivery and the greatest possible reach for your campaign. The current plista requirements can be viewed and/or downloaded from technical specifications for each product in the Advertiser area. Text material: Heading 1: 50 characters Heading 2: 40 characters Heading 3: 25 characters Teaser: Optimal is 70 characters (a maximum of 100 characters is possible, but text longer than 70 characters might have to be shortened, depending on publisher). Image material: JPG, PNG, GIF (can be endless loop animations) 500 × 500 px = 1:1 (square) 640 × 480 px = 4:3 640 × 360 px = 16:9 A maximum of nine ad media will be created from the submitted images and text. They will be automatically scaled or cropped. Please note that the images may be scaled down to about 60 px depending on the publisher and device, so logos or very detailed images are not recommended.

plista Referrer

All publishers upon which ads were delivered. Some referrers directly designate the publisher on which the click took place. However, there are still more referrers. For example, the referrer is designated when a redirect over the plista advserver is made after the click.

Where and on which pages is my ad delivered?

Delivery takes place on the entire plista platform (RoN). We can send you a current publisher extract upon request. You have the possibility of geo-targeting (limiting the ads to certain cities, German states, countries and zip codes). In addition, you may designate priority channels oriented to your target group to receive priority delivery (such as news/finance, sport, women, etc.).

What are the payment terms?

If your company’s main office is outside of Germany, payment is due in advance or by credit card. German companies may choose between payment in advance, payment by credit card, invoice terms or by direct bank debit. New customers are requested to pay in advance or by credit card.

Which CPC should I choose?

plista uses an internal bidding system to deliver campaigns. In order for you to receive impressions and thus clicks with a particular CPC, the level of your CPC must be comparable to that of other ongoing campaigns. The correct CPC level depends on the click volume of the campaign, the current competing campaigns and the particular moment in time, among other factors. The lowest CPC that you can select via the self-serve webpage is € 0,10. For an independently selected CPC, we recommend you set it at a level that allows you to subsequently adjust the price downward to respond to good CTR.

Is there a minimum booking volume?

Yes, plista is happy to arrange your campaigns that are above our minimum booking volume of 100 EUR. We have found this amount to be the minimum required to generate a sufficient number of clicks and to draw meaningful conclusions about performance.

Why do images have white borders?

Why do images have white borders, even though they were provided in accordance with plista guidelines?

A few publishers with plista do not use a square format, which is why square motifs might end up having narrow white borders. The images will be correctly displayed without borders on most publishers.

I signed in, but I cannot find my statistics.

Click on this link  or go to “Login“ > “My Campaigns.” When logged in, you may also use the quick access found in the upper right.

Publishers differ from channels /categories.

There are publishers listed in my reports that differ from my booked channels and categories.

Channels and/or categories merely have a strengthening effect. They do not exclude other similar websites.

Geo-targeting on a certain zip code area .

Why do I see my ad that has geo-targeting on a certain zip code area also in the next town that is 10 km away and in a different zip code?

There aren’t many telecommunication points of presence (POP) in rural areas, so a particular POP might cover several zip codes. That situation leads to such overlaps.

Why is it that my campaign hasn't been activated yet?

1. You haven’t confirmed your account. The campaign cannot be activated until your account is confirmed via the double opt-in procedure. You only need to click on the link that was sent to you in an email message. You may wish to check your spam folder in case the message landed there. 2. You payment hasn’t arrived. We ask new customers to pre-pay for campaigns or make payment by credit card. If you chose “Transfer/Pre-payment,” the campaign will be activated as soon as the receipt of payment is confirmed by our accounting department. If you chose “Credit card,” the campaign is activated as soon as the credit card can be charged. 3. The campaign has to be checked for content and adherence to the plista GTC. Provided the content, offer, legal notice, etc., conform to plista requirements, the campaign is generally activated on the same day (within regular business hours, Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) or at the latest, on the next business day.

When will I be invoiced?

Invoices for campaigns’ delivered volumes in a given month will be sent out near the beginning of the following month.

Will clicks on my ad's teaser be invoiced?

No. The click is counted for purposes of statistics, but it’s considered an additional; that means the click isn’t invoiced.

Will be ad media be delivered uniformly?

Yes. All ads are delivered uniformly, independent of the click rates, as long as “consistent ad rotation” is set. When “optimized ad rotation” is set, the ads receive more delivery parts having the better click rates.

Ad delivery evenly distributed throughout the day?

No, but a daily time window can be set within which the campaign is to be delivered. The delivery time window cannot be set through the website. Rather, have us to this for you by sending an email message mentioning the desired delivery time window to plista Campaign Management at You may choose only a single time window (such as 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM), not multiple time windows (such as 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM). Nor can you have different time windows for different days of the week. However, you can influence the time frame of the campaign delivery by manually pausing and reactivating it.

Test plista as an alternative to suppliers?

Can I test plista as an alternative to similar suppliers?

Of course you can test plista as an alternative or to complement the offerings of similar suppliers, such as Google AdWords. If you are dissatisfied with your plista test campaign, please contact plista Support. We’ll happily help you optimize your campaign.

When will my campaign be activated?

Every campaign has to be checked for content and for conformity with the plista GTC. Provided content, offering, legal information, etc. meet the plista requirements, the campaign is generally activated on the same day (within regular business hours, Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) or at the latest, on the next business day.