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Connect with your target audience, using our effective native advertising solutions for both desktop and mobile devices.

When it comes to native advertising and content distribution, plista offers advertisers various effective and compelling ad options that are suitable for both brand and performance marketing. Reach your marketing goals easily and efficiently: + Increase brand awareness + Boost user engagement & brand interaction + Generate leads & conversions + Strengthen customer loyalty & brand trust

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A single source handles all your needs

Sustainable impact

Reach out and captivate your target audiences along the entire sales funnel to grow your business and build long-term customer relationships.

Precise targeting

Our user-individual delivery allows you to distribute your advertising message to your audience with high success rates and low scattering losses.

Wide reach

Approach users across all channels and devices on thousands of premium publishers and take advantage of high-quality traffic.

Our solutions for Advertisers

plista's broad advertiser portfolio is the ideal one-stop service for your individual needs. With our appealing native formats, you can set up cross-channel campaigns with little organizational effort and address your target groups precisely via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Full speed ahead: Successful conversion generation with far-reaching performance campaigns

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The goal: extensive and strong-performing campaigns with low scatter loss, which are seamlessly integrated into the publisher environment. With plistas text and image ads your campaigns will profit from a high user acceptance as well as increased CTR thanks to contextual and behavioural targeting. Whether it's optimising for conversions or residence time, our performance solutions with customised formats achieve high brand awareness and proven engagement. The advantages at a glance: + Lead generation and high-quality traffic + High user acceptance and positive brand perception + Voluntary advertising consumption without disturbing the reading flow

Focus: Increased brand awareness and attention for advertising messages

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The goal: to bring the brand into the focus of the user through targeted branding solutions and thus increase brand awareness. Whether High Impact, Native In-Feed or Mobile Smart Media Ads, the plista formats make it easy to achieve individual campaign goals. How? High commitment results from different interactions. plista relies on its own in-house advertising creation department. Thanks to a tailor-made design, attention-grabbing, individual campaigns are created, which in turn generate sustainable branding effects through stronger brand conflict. The advantages at a glance: + Increase of brand awareness + Undivided attention to the products and strong user involvement + Tailor-made creations for maximum engagement

Time to move: High engagement through eye-catching video advertising

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The goal: bring more movement into campaigns. With the help of innovative video solutions, users are specifically addressed via moving image content. Here, unobtrusive Native Outstream Ads within an article and user initiated Native Video Ads below the article are used. The campaigns benefit from a strong user commitment: the so-called 'sticky video function' achieves up to three times higher full view rates with the Outstream Ad. The advantages at a glance: + Intensive user engagement + High view rates and a positive brand perception + Undivided attention to the products

Self Service

With plista's Self Service tool, you can create your own advertising campaign in just a few easy steps.

Native Ads

With Native Ads, you can create top-performing, high-reach online and mobile campaigns. Based on users’ reading and clicking behavior, these ads appear in conjunction with editorial article recommendations and do not disturb the natural flow of reading.

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