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plista is one of the leading content and advertising platforms for online and mobile formats. Its distinguishing feature is that, through your reading and purchasing behavior, you as a user determine what advertisements and recommendations you receive. You can find more information in our FAQ.

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What is the plista principle - “You may also be interested in”?

Based on your personal surfing behavior, plista provides you with personalized recommendations for editorial content and advertisements on thousands of websites in its partner network. To do this, plista compares the reading behavior (including clicks and visits) of various users with each other, in order to find similarities and matching interests among them. This means you are only shown content that you are actually interested in.

What data is collected using the recommendation technology?

What data is collected by plista using the recommendation technology?

Personal data… …are all particulars on personal or material circumstances that relate to an identified or identifiable person (also personal data). This includes data like “name, address, telephone number, date of birth, genetic or biometric data as well as income, value judgements and information on your housing conditions”. This information is used to recognize and locate the reader based on this personal data. Not collected by plista!

Anonymous usage data… …is anonymous information about website page impressions and clicks by a reader without any personal references. This data is used by plista for the optimal delivery of content recommendations and advertisements based on the interests of the reader. We may collect information such as your browser type (e.g., Firefox or Internet Explorer), operating system (e.g., Macintosh or Windows), Internet provider (e.g., Telekom or 1&1), and whether you respond to an ad. To provide relevant advertising for mobile users, we may also collect device type, make and model, operating system, carrier user ID, and information limited to the browser or application you are currently using. Collected by plista!

What are the benefits of use-based online advertising?

The anonymous data saved by plista ensures that, as a user of websites in the plista network, you get relevant advertising that matches your interests. Have you ever been pleased to find the right advertising at the right time? plista would like to offer you this “exactly what I was looking for” effect. In this way, you gain access to high-quality services, exciting content and varied applications and products.

How does this method work?

To make your Internet use more pleasant and provide you with relevant recommendations, anonymous data is saved by using what’s known as ‘cookies’ in your browser. A cookie is a short record in a database or in a specific directory on a computer. It is passive and is therefore unable to contain viruses or Trojans, and is also unable to cause damage to other programs on your computer. A cookie consists of a name and an associated value or content. In the case of anonymous data processed by plista, this includes your personal usage behavior, such as information on webpage accesses. Under no circumstances are cookies used to identify the user personally but for the evaluation of internal data only. It is plista’s goal to deliver interesting recommendations on content and advertising to users. In doing so, plista compares the interests of users and recommends favorites, i.e. content frequently accessed by similar users. Therefore, it is necessary to a) differentiate between individual users and b) be able to save their interests. Interests are recorded in the form of clicks, i.e. reading behavior. This information is transferred to the plista server and stored there. This only occurs on websites that are part of the plista network, meaning websites that use at least one plista product The recommendations are generally made anonymously, i.e. ratings and click data are used in plista’s algorithms. It is not possible for third parties to view or read the data. In order to enable plista to calculate individual recommendations for articles, products or advertisements for every user, click data (interests) is saved together with the relevant user identification (random, long number combinations from the cookie). Before a user’s recommendations are shown on a website, the user’s cookie is transmitted to plista when the webpage is accessed by the browser. This is used to verify that the website currently opened by the user has been visited before. The resulting ratings data can only be read by means of the associated identification. In addition to cookies, plista utilizes Device Identification Technology to help provide a safe and privacy focused solution to recognizing devices for the purposes of providing consumers relevant advertisements without the use of cookies, data storage, Flash Shared Objects (FSO’s), eTags or hiding objects within local storage of the browser or on the device in any way. Device Identification Technology used by plista limits any and all collection to the browser or application (web view only) currently in use by the consumer without touching unique identifiers found on the device terminal, browsing history or any personally identifiable data or sensitive data that can be used to locate or identify the user or device in any capacity.” Third parties, i.e. even the respective website operator, do not have access to the data under any circumstances. Furthermore, as part of the cooperation with our advertising partners, i.e., when the order is entered, personal data is requested from advertising customers for invoicing and advertising purposes. This information is processed by plista or its partners (for example, when ordering prizes). Any use of this data for other purposes will only take place with explicit permission for this application. Legal requirements may obligate plista in certain cases to forward your personal data to a third party. This could include a suspected criminal offense or misuse of plista’s website. plista is then obligated to forward your data to the law enforcement authorities. Your data is otherwise exclusively stored in plista’s database system and on plista’s servers or those of the respective data processor. An exemption is when you are notified that the data will be forwarded to another company, like cooperation partners or advertising partners, and you have expressly authorized such forwarding of data.

Do you no longer wish to benefit from preference-based advertising?

No problem. Simply use our opt-out button. This enables you to delete the plista identification cookie at any time with just a click. This means you can no longer be identified by plista. Opting out does not prevent advertisements and pop-ups on your computer, but instead only the provision of adaptive advertisements by plista. So, plista widgets, recommendations and ads will still be displayed on the Internet. Only the targeting on which user-individual recommendations and ads are based will be omitted, if you deactivate your cookie via opt-out. However, please note: in order for plista to identify you as a user who has opted out, you must allow cookies in your browser. If you have not explicitly deactivated it, this is generally already selected in. The creation of an opt-out cookie is required to prevent plista from creating its identification cookie again the next time a partner is accessed. If you delete the cookies in your browser, you must also repeat the opt-out procedure. If you use several computers or web browsers, you need to carry out the opt-out procedure using each one individually.

Reset your opt out & restore the personalization.

Would you like to reset your opt out and restore the personalization of your recommendations and advertisements at a later time?

No problem. If you decide at a later time that you wish to benefit from relevant, preference-based advertising in the plista network (again), you can cancel your decision to opt-out at any time on this page.

What happens to your data?

plista takes protecting your personal data very seriously and places great importance on transparency. We have therefore implemented all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that the valid German data protection regulations are observed. We retain the information collected via our technology for only as long as the relevant regulations require us to. After that time, we may aggregate the data and retain it for analytical purposes only. You can find additional detailed information in our data protection statement!

Does opting out also prevent spam, junk mail and pop-ups?

The opt-out button only influences the recommendations and advertising from plista. plista works with cookies so that its users benefit from customized advertising and recommendations. This has no influence over other providers, programs or advertising formats. The opt-out button therefore does not protect you against spam, junk mail, pop-ups or other unwanted advertising formats.

Decide for yourself …

… whether we should take into account your preferences and interests in order to enable you to continuously experience more pleasant Internet use tailored to you.

Voluntary self-regulation

plista has made a voluntary commitment to the principles of the EDAA OBA Framework. For further information, please visit

Our company has volunteered to self-regulate according to the guidelines of the German Data Protection Council for Online Advertising (DDOW). You will find the self-regulation code which we comply with at the following link: 

For further information please visit In addition to our opt-out button below, you can also use the ‘preference manager’ offered at the following web page. With the help of this ‘preference manager’ you are able to deactivate online behavioural advertising originating from the listed companies.

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