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plista is a global platform for data-driven native advertising.

About plista

plista is a global platform for data-driven native advertising in premium editorial environments and offers advertisers and publishers direct, single-source access to a broad portfolio of native solutions. With its proprietary real-time Recommendation Technology, plista is able to deliver both content and advertising that matches users’ individual interests – across all channels and devices. plista’s native ad formats stand out through their strong engagement character and enable advertisers to efficiently target audiences along the entire sales funnel. At the same time, thousands of premium publishers are working successfully with plista in order to achieve outstanding content monetization, increased website stickiness and sustainable traffic growth.

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Our purpose is to shape an open and trustworthy internet with customized content and relevant advertising.

plista operates at the junction of two worlds: publishing and advertising. Both have experienced significant changes over the past decade. Publishing business models have been turned upside down. Advertisers have faced a variety of challenges to reach their audience. Actors on both sides have seen their power to influence their audience erode little by little. Now users have taken back the reins. All these changes bring challenges as well as opportunities. As citizens, we want to have access to diverse content. We believe in personalization that improves the user experience without building a biased and close-minded world. As tech and business people, we want to see publishers have the financial means to continue to create high-quality content. We also believe in making advertising welcome. We run a business. Just like our advertisers, we want our customers to know about us and the benefits we can bring to them. But we think there’s a right way to do this. Advertising products should be developed with the user and real outcomes at the core. That means relevant, non-intrusive, engaging, and anchored in the client’s business. We want to leverage technology. Not to add more gimmicks, but to make a dent in how people consume information online. We want to build a sustainable business in which people can be creative, highly effective, and authentic. Through all these changes, we know we can be the renegades who contribute to writing the next chapter of publishing and advertising.

plista Management

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Michel Gagnon

Global Managing Director

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Stefan Klimek

Global Vice President Finance, HR & Commercial



plista is founded by Dr. Dominik Matyka, Christian Laase and Andreas Richter


plista becomes part of the WPP Group, currently the world's largest advertising holding company


plista joins the Xaxis family, the world's largest programmatic media & technology platform


plista launches market entry in China, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Taiwan and Singapore.


Strategic partnership with AppNexus to sell premium inventory programmatically

plista Headquarter

Torstraße 33–35 10119 Berlin Germany

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