Solutions for Advertisers

As a one-stop solution for Native Advertising and content distribution, plista offers advertisers online and mobile ad solutions with engagement character that are suitable for both brand and performance marketing. In combination with user-individual delivery in premium editorial environments, advertising companies are able to implement cross-channel campaigns with little organizational effort in order to reach various goals: increase brand awareness, create user engagement and brand interaction, generate leads or conversions, strengthen brand trust and customer loyalty, and much more.

How do advertisers benefit from plista?


Recommendation Formats


Native RecommendationAds

Text/image recommendation ads in an editorial environment


Native Content Distribution

Content recommendations in an editorial environment


Native VideoAds

Video expandables in an editorial environment - with an optional interaction element

InFeed Formats


Native InFeed Ads

Engaging ad format placed in article feeds of websites



Native In-Feed Endemic

In-feed units within publisher’s content stream to promote content on the same publisher's website. 

*Only available in North America

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Formats in North America

Native In-Image

Highly viewable ad placements appearing as adhesion or overlay in-line with relevant images across premium sites.

*Only available in North America

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Formats in North America

Solutions for Publishers

As a one-stop solution, plista covers all basic needs of website and app operators with its native formats. By integrating the proprietary, data-driven plista Recommendation Technology at no cost, publishers are able to recommend content and ads to their visitors, matching their individual interests. The recommendations are based on the evaluation of the individual reading and clicking behavior and provide very precise targeting with high relevance for the user. This way, publishers benefit from plista sustainably across the board.

How do publishers benefit from plista?


Recommendation Widgets


Article Widget

Bespoke recommendations for your visitors. Loyalty, traffic and revenue for you.


Slide Widget

Get the most out of your targeted reading recommendations.


Video Widget

Make your multimedia content shine.


Top Article Widget

Turn the spotlight on your content recommendations.

InFeed Widgets


InFeed Widget

Content monetization for feed-based websites.



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